Sunday, September 22

Frustration and Failure

Frustration and failure have been the name of the game this weekend. I hate to have to share these things with you but as we all know they are a part of life. Firstly, I had a flashback and I don't mean of the memory kind. I was working with the propane flame trying to solder the ring in the bottom 2 images when all of a sudden the normally blue jet burst from the nozzle and grew into a huge flash right in my face. It was just for an instant, but it was enough to singe my bangs. I was wearing a mask and safety glasses but didn't think I'd need to protect my hair! Oh well, at least it'll grow back :)  Anyway, here's a simple ring I made at the end of the day after a frustrating few hours trying to make the raw amethyst ring below.

I'm going to pull out what's left of my hair trying to get this thing made. This is the 2nd bezel cup I've forged and I've  ground down the base and lower edges of the amethyst but it's still not sitting properly in the cup. I'm at the point where I'm going to saw it apart again and start again :(  By the way, these photos were taken by my son and you can see how much better they are than the ones I take. Thanks Simon!!!

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