Tuesday, September 24

Amethyst and Jinx

It's getting to be Autumn all of a sudden; rainy and cool. There's still some patches of blue sky fighting against masses of clouds but if you blink they're gone. I'm still working on this wretched ring and still refuse to use glue to keep the stone in the bezel cup so I'll need to burnish the edges of the cup some more. I went to my silver shop this morning and learned something new - that jewellers in Arizona working with turquoise sometimes lay the stone on a bed of sawdust in the bezel to make it sit flat. Makes sense.  I'm starting work on another bracelet and have several of the links cut waiting to be smashed up with a hammer :) and then the soldering.

Meanwhile...Jinx has no concerns about petty things like stone setting. His day is all about catching the fleeting moments of sunshine.

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