Friday, August 30

An old ring and the beginnings of a new one

I think the wire ring (top 2 images) was one of the first rings I ever made. When I took it into the shop where I buy my silver and showed John the owner, he politely told me that if I ever wanted to sell anything, that I should CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN the inner surfaces of a piece as much as the outside ones. I haven't forgotten that but I still haven't cleaned the insides of this one. Shows my impatience I guess.
The bottom image is of a raw amethyst which is an inch in length (2.5 cm) and that I've cradled in a wire setting. I'll need to further work the claws so they hug the stone more firmly and then I'll look at soldering the wire to a band. Or'll become a pendant since a ring standing an inch high would be abit dumb.

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